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Top 5 Logo Design Companies in Abu Dhabi of 2021 [Updated]

List of best 5 Logo Design Companies in UAE, Abu Dhabi | Top Logo Designers UAE — 2021 Reviews

Logo Designers Abu Dhabi | Logo Design Company Abu Dhabi

Finding the best Logo Designing Company in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates for creating a world-class logo that satisfies your company’s branding needs is now an easy task. Various creative and technological factors need to be considered while choosing a logo designer in UAE. Logo Design Companies like Reviei is on the forefront in delivering customized logos and effective branding solutions to business across the United Arab Emirates.

Planning to get a new logo for your brand?

Looking for a logo design company in Abu Dhabi to help you design it?

A brand’s logo speaks a lot about a brand and it is the first and the last thing that stays in the mind of your customers and clients. The Logo of your brand should be as effective as your product or service offerings.

You’d need a Logo design company to help you design a logo that effectively reflects and voices your brand. But, finding a logo design company out of so many agencies in Abu Dhabi gets time-consuming.

We will help you in your search for a logo design company for your first or your next logo design.

A designer designing / drawing logo on a laptop in abu dhabi

When creating a business logo you should be well aware that it should not be just a combination of symbols, letters, shapes, and colors rather it should encompass all which the company wants to represent itself among the targetted consumers.

According to Statista the most valuable brands in 2021 are
Apple — 967,447,416,000.00 (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
Amazon — 933,690,708,000.00 (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
Google — 702,389,304,000.00 (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
Microsoft — 515,839,631,000.00 (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
Samsung — 376,925,825,500.00 (United Arab Emirates Dirham)

Logos of these top brands around the world play an important role in having an indisputable dominance among their competitors, having wide brand recognition, and bringing in more revenue for their company year after year.

Logo Designing Process being followed
* 20 to 30 sketches are made for a single logo design on average.
* 2 to 5 hours are consumed in designing the first version of a logo.
* 3 logo concepts are made for the client to decide on one.
* 7–10 days are usually spent on logo design projects on a crowdsourcing website.

Logo Sizes
* Logos are measured in pixels
* Vector files of logos are a must
* Need to create Horizontal, vertical, and square versions of the respective logo to make it suit themselves in multiple channels whether it is online or offline
* It is recommended to use a PNG file to display the logo on your website and should not be greater than 200KB in filesize which will help in ensuring fast load times while remaining detailed and sharp!
* The minimum logo dimensions for the web should not be below 24px in height.

Tips on Online usage of logos
* Most companies display a logo on the left-hand side of the top navbar.
* The average height of a website logo is typically between 20px and 30px
* Most commonly used fonts for creating logos is Helvetica and Univers
Standard favicon sizes for browsers are 16px x 16px.
* Vector files have a CMYK color mode — Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black — which is what’s required for printing, versus a HEX color code, which is used online.
* A general rule is to make your signature image no larger than 320px wide, and 70–100px high.
* The majority of brands use between 2–3 colors

Main types of logos
1. Wordmark logo or Logotype
2. Monogram logo
3. Combination logo

What makes a logo design company effective?

A good logo designer can help you design your company logo as per your desires and preferences. A logo should be creative, unique and should virtually represent your brand to your audience and customers.

A Logo design company will help you create a logo that is simple, memorable, unique, and appropriate. There are a lot of elements that go into the making of a Logo, such as Typography, the color of the Logo, and context. An awesome logo designing company will help you create an awesome logo for your brand.

There are a lot of logo design companies that provide Logo design services in Abu Dhabi and they have many logo design experts so your brand has a logo that replicates your brand effectively.

Let’s lookout for some of the most effective logo design companies in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Reviei Technologies

Reviei Technologies is a platform that offers several services that help your brand from developing your website to optimizing it in several ways. It is based in UAE and now is a globally trusted company where its in-house team focuses on offering excellence with every service offering.

Logo designers in Reviei have been helping brands create efficient logos where they keep an eye for the details so the final designed logo fully satisfies your desires. They believe in creating and delivering logo designs that create impacts in society.

The team of highly experienced designers closely follows all your feedback and suggestions to develop your brand’s logo that represents your brand effectively.

Website : www.reviei.ae

a logo designer working on a graphic design using laptop and tool kit

2. Grafiqberry

Grafiqberry is an advertising and Logo design company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They have been consistently offering digitally designed services to businesses around the world. They help you design your brand logo in a way that stays in the mind of your potential clients and customers.

They believe that if a logo does not create a sense of wow, then it’s not much effective and would not really help your business grow. They focus on creating logos that create an impact in the mind of your customer and to offer all this, they work efficiently.

Grafiqberry is one of the most trusted logo design experts in Abu Dhabi and they do not compromise on the quality and style of the company logo.

Website: https://www.grafiqberry.com

Spider Designers

Spider designers is a digital agency that has been helping businesses create awesome designs and websites for their business. It is a logo design company based in UAE and offers its services to businesses around the world including the middle east and north Africa.

The creative team of spider designers follows a process to design every logo as they first create an initial concept for the design and then take suggestions from the business and accordingly the final logo is designed.

Their creative and design team gets together to develop the best logo for your business that communicates your brand visually and creates impact.

Website: www.spiderdesigners.com

Dandelion Digital Designs

Dandelion is a web design agency based in UAE offering several design-oriented services and helping businesses create an impact with their logo. They believe that a creative logo helps a brand represent royalty.

They focus on creating a logo that is unique and creative as they believe that a logo predicts the future of a brand. They create an eye-catching logo that reflects your brand and shows how unique and awesome your brand is to your customers.

They are one of the most creative yet affordable logo design companies in Abu Dhabi so your business has an awesome logo that is unique.

Website: www.dandelion-me.com

The Alpha Brand

The Alpha Brand is one of the leading creative agencies with highly talented company logo designers. They focus on creating strong and elegant brand logos for the businesses while creating a unique identity of the brand.

They have a team of designers that are highly experienced and creative as they ensure that all the logo designs are innovative and appealing to the customers.

They make sure that all the designs designed by them attract your customers and become the first point of recognition.

Website: thealphabrand.com

It’s a Wrap!

We have come to an end to this super informative blog where we discussed all the agencies and companies that can help you design your brand logo effectively so your business could stand out from all your competitors.

As there are several agencies that can help you with logo designing but choosing the right company that helps you design a logo that exactly suits your terms and desires is a task. But, with this blog, you’d have a clear overview of the Logo design companies you could find in Abu Dhabi.

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